Garth Jackson aka Dj Remix, grew up in the District of Allman Hill, Above Rocks, St. Catherine..m

He started tarted playing music from a tender age while attending Kingston College. During that time, he saw the creation of EXECUTOR
EXPLOSION Sound System, using cassettes, then Vinyl, and he saw the progression to the upgraded musical technology.

Later, he began
streaming on Reggae Vibes Radio.
Imigrated to Toronto,
Canada I*l in 2014, where he teamed up with Luther Brown on CHRY
105.5FM, also Delroy Gon G98.5 (Canada’s
popular Radio Station) .

You can here his energetic and masterful mixing as he creates his own shows on Island Worldwide and Energy Radio One. Dj Remix also selects for STEREO PROPHET Sound System based in Toronto Canada.

Dj Remix is a versatile Dj and plays all genres of music for both the young and old.
He is also a new producer with his first various artists release in 2022.

He is highly talented and known for his remixes and mixing.

Catch him on Island Worldwide on Wednesdays 6pm- 8pm and Saturdays 3pm – 5pm

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