I started from around the age of 12 on my uncle’s sound system in the Caribbean alongside my brother and other sound members, after arriving in the London I then started playing on my cousins sound one love in west London Ladbroke Grove for around five to six years before starting my own sound with another cousin. We started buying records from all different various record shops along with going to Greensleeves and Jet Star directly. 

I started playing in house parties clubs locally and then eventually different places in the Uk and abroad. After playing in different parties, I decided to hold birthday parties which had good turn outs. 

My next accomplishment was stating to play on the radio. My first radio station I played on was called Cruise Fm which was owned by the late great Dj Village. I learned and gained experience along the way when I started to have my own show. I then went onto Beat Fm which was owned by the late great Vego Wales. After a few months I began my current radio show which is called the global link up show. The show involves interviewing various artist each week along with news within the reggae and dancehall industry. 

Whilst playing on Beat Fm I also played on Lightning Fm owned by the late great Mr Fox for a few years and the also on Citylock radio also for a few years. 

My radio show currently now streams live on Passion radio UK, Vibez Urban, Silk Radio, Bam1 radio, Rex Radio, Island Worldwide and now OBC radio and then the recording gets played on Tellstream radio, Empire radio, Motif radio, Kiss carribbean and Hot 96 Fm.

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