Research reveals that many individuals in underserved communities dream of launching a businesses, but obstacles such as lack of access to startup funding and limited business training and resources, get in the way.  Some people also experiences challenges in starting a businesses, due to such factors as poor credit and limited access to capital.

The Temple of Restoration, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, in partnership with Operation HOPE, Inc. will offer the community a free training program on entrepreneurship. The program is a practical curriculum designed to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and skills to successfully navigate the path of small business ownership.  This initiative is part of The Temple of Restoration’s Helping Hands Ministry’s Abundant Living Tools programming, which seeks to empower people to become financially responsible and achieve their financial goals.

The program includes 6 free classes.  The curriculum offers a combination of business training, personal development and access to professional services.  For further support, the program includes optional one-on-one counseling sessions with an Operation HOPE financial well-being coach, on a monthly basis.

Entrepreneurship education can lead to economic transformation for individuals and their communities.  It’s a known fact that many underserved communities experience a negative cycle of underemployment and poverty.  Covid 19 has exacerbated the cycle.  Growth in small business activity is a transformative force that can help break this negative cycle.  Entrepreneurship does not only benefit the entrepreneur; it also benefits the local community.  Small businesses create jobs for local residents, generate revenue that circulates and stays in the local community and spark innovation. In addition, small businesses create opportunities for women, minorities and immigrants.

Operation HOPE is a leading provider of financial literacy and economic tools and services.  Its mission is to expand economic opportunity, making free enterprise work for everyone.  The Temple of Restoration’s Helping Hands Ministry is excited to partner with Operation HOPE and believes that this program will help individuals overcome the obstacles that may prevent them from starting or growing their  businesses.

The classes will start on Thursday, January 7, 2020 at 5:00pm (EST).  The class will meet every Thursday for 6 weeks via Zoom.

Registration is open to the community.   To inquire about the program, email

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