Raincloud Sound, better known by his entertainment name DJ Raincloud,
is currently host his show the musicals edition each and every Friday evening from 6PM to 9PM and every Saturday evening from 9PM to 11 PM.

I was a follower of Killaman Jaro sound, Stax, Metro Media, Gemini, and also the Stone Love Movement.

DJ Raincloud has managed to foster and grow a strong listening base within
Canada, his community, International and worldwide.
He credits much of his success to his appreciation and commitment toward the unearthing of underground independent artists and oftentimes showcasing new discoveries in segments of his interviews.

DJ Raincloud combines his easygoing nature with an electric group of fantastic DJ’S that each heavily advocate their specific preference of music to form what seems to perfectly mirror they want and demands of his audience.

DJ Raincloud is also well-known in his community for his music which could be the main reason why his musicals Edition has been rated.

DJ Raincloud has set up a grassroots foundation that has heavy influence within Canada that often promotes many of his broadcasted artists and wellness programs within the community and international arena!

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Dj Rain Cloud

Dj Rain Cloud