DJ Kevin Stew, Kevin Stewart, born in Kingston, Jamaica. I always loved music, drums especially. I used to bang on cans and pots in my backyard in Ziadie Gardens after being sent to the farthest part of the yard by my mother to “make noise”. At the age of 10 I started learning music theory every Saturday morning and by the time I hit 11, I was playing brass in the Kingston Central Corps band of The Salvation Army. I play brass to this day when I am afforded the opportunity and play drums for at least one church every weekend.

    My love for music wasn’t restricted to brass and percussions however, as I used to spend a lot of time by my uncle’s room as he blasted music and slept. He used to play dancehall tapes and his room was converted to a giant boom box with a turntable for good measure to “rinse” the collection of 45s & LPs he had. Sometimes I’d sneak in and pretend to be a DJ then make sure to try to put everything back just the way I found them, every knob and slider.

    Fast forward about 25 years, while listening to DJ TC Flexx’s lunch mix while he was on The Big Station, I was inspired. I went home and somehow found a DJ software to download and started making remixes, I reached out to TC and much to my surprise he came to meet me, listened to some of what I had and the next day I heard some in his lunch mix – imagine my elation!!!

    In 2008 TC decided to do a battle of the DJs competition and invited me to compete, here’s the joke, I’d never DJ’d before that and here I was going to do this competition and on the air to boot. Naturally, I didn’t go very far but for me and the connections I started making, it was the making of something great. During this same time, my friend Devon Hines was building his dreamchild – DAH Music Linx, which we now know as Pulse eMedia Group. We did a Friday night gospel and inspirational show on internet TV called Old School New School Joint and I did a live gospel mix at the beginning of every show. I remember being so nervous the 1st time Devon decided to switch the roles and had me host the show instead of producing it and he said to me “Don’t be so square, just be natural, be you. Relax”. Those words and the experience with TC were the fertilizer that nourished the seed that was within me.

    Now thanks to encouragement from these 2 friends and opportunities they gave, with TC giving me my 1st show back in 2010 and in Devon’s case, continue to give on PEMGTV and the connection I made with Sir Rockwell when we were at Flexx FM, there is now the person you know as the host of The Night Shift with DJ Kevin Stew on, where #itsamovement to Have Acceptance Through Enlightenment, but wait, there’s more…

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